Depositit - Ultimate data protection

Websumu Internet Solutions has teamed up with Depositit, the leading provider of fully automated secure offsite data backup, to offer customers the most complete data backup solution at a great price.

Depositit provides a simple and efficient method of backing up and storing all your critical computer data securely offsite. Be it account records, letters, e-mails, graphic files, music files or digital images, Depositit will back it all up for you, automatically every single day!

For example you could backup your home or work computer, your laptop, pda or mobile phone, even the network (server) in your office! Depositit is the most efficient and safest solution for backing up the data stored on any computer, keeping copies in 3 completely secure and independent remote locations.

Regardless of whether you experience a complete systems failure, virus, theft or hardware damage caused by malfunction, fire or flood, your data will always be safe and easily retrievable.

The service is easily configured and has been specifically designed to automatically backup your data on a daily or weekly basis. With no further user intervention necessarily required, Depositit offers a cost effective solution that completely eliminates unnecessary hardware costs & staff involvement.

Depositit offers 2 sign up packages (additional storage is available):

* Standard Package: 4,000mb (4gb) of storage for just £120.00 pa

* Light User package: 500mb (0.5gb) of storage for just £60.00 pa

After initial registration to either the light user or standard package, if you need more storage space, the Depositit software will automatically increase this by upgrading your account. This provides a seamless service which ensures there is no possibility of an incomplete backup.

The table below indicates the quantity of files that can typically be saved within each 100mb of storage.

Average number of frequently used file types per 500mb storage space increment
file type average file size total files per 500mb
Word document
5 A4 pages
45kb 11,350
Excel spreadsheet
10 A4 pages
200kb 2,560
Access database
10,000 entries
13mb 38

Please note that the average file sizes
noted are indicative only and as such may vary.

The Depositit automated offsite data backup service delivers the secure infrastructure that allows you to operate with total peace of mind. You can be rest assured in the knowledge that this is the most complete protection against data loss available.


The Depositit service offers huge benefits, including:-


* Comprehensive off-site data backup eliminates the risk of critical data loss due to viruses, fire, flood or theft.

* Automatic scheduling minimizes user intervention ensuring data is always protected.

* Latest encryption technology endorsed by the US Government ensures ultimate data protection and privacy.

* Data stored in 3 separate and independent maximum-security off-site facilities enables Depositit to provide complete peace of mind.


* Advanced data compression reduces bandwidth requirements, on-line transfer times and the amount of data you can store.

* Incremental backups, incorporating Delta Block technology saves time & costs by transferring only new or revised files.

* Multiple backup set capability allows users to schedule, backup & store unlimited data sets.

* Software application is easily installed on either a server or individual computer.

* Saves data from mobile phones and pda's and any other device if residing on pc.

* Unlimited storage capacity with full scalability to accommodate any growth requirements.

* Automatic monitoring of system status routine reporting & confirmation of all operational tasks.

Cost Effective

* Reduce IT and personnel overheads & minimize unnecessary hardware costs & staff involvement.

* One straightforward single payment, ensures you never have to worry about data loss again

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Depositit is simple and easy to use, what's more you can order it online with immediate setup. Click the link below to visit the Depositit web site and secure your business files today.